it almost the end of semester.
and OMG, too many assignment.
i got 7 projects to be done. *crying
hampir setiap malam ada discussion.
my weekend full with discussion.
student life....
(perasaan beberapa minggu yg lalu)

now, 6 down and one left!
yeay! imma happy girl.
but still have a couple of quizzes and tests this coming 2 weeks.
and ada 3 presentation lagi.
im dead.
apapun kena hadapi dgn senyuman.
today "AGAK" free sikit.
sbb idk mau buat apa lagi.
kena tunggu teammates hantar documents dorang. then compile.
tp part aku pun belum siap jg. sob sob.

and today hari pendaftaran di KML.
well, juniors, welcome to KML.
have fun there. hahaha!

I miss home.
I miss mom.
I miss dad.
I miss my annoying siblings.
I miss my cousins.
I miss my bestfriends.

see you guys on end of June.
cant wait!

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