Assalamualaikum :)

just wanna share how awesome my sem 1 w my super djashdueyqwsdasdas awesome classmate. i wish i could find a word to define how awesome they are.
they are like sisters to mine. like bestfriend to mine.
the smile, laugh, fight and everything we shared is priceless.

the sem 1 is over. yeay?
the most sadest things when we're not in a same class anymore.
yea, mybe just for a few classes. but, it will never be the same anymore.
diffrent smile, diffrent laugh, different voices.... its never gonna turn my world again.
i found the class is fun because of them. yea, i admit it.
the situation. how we interact. and how we study.
its a fate, just accept.

to Ili Hazwani,
hahahahaha. you're best! seriously.
the FAKE fight we had... yea, I'll always remember that.

to Kak Sha,
cant deny, u're like my sister.
where always asks me to behave.
always lend her phone for playing game.
bila nak belanja ni? hoho

to Su and che pa,
thanks belanja me ahh su. teh susu! hahaha
and thanks always be there for me.

and to ALL,
thanks a lot.
tak dpt nak cakap semua. :)

if anyone of you guys read this, just wanna say,
you all are freaking awesome.
thanks for all the laugh, the bond the bond we made and the memories we had.
and mostly, im sorry for the right and wrong i did.


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